Denture Repair

Dentures can give people dealing with tooth loss a new lease on life. Imagine, being able to smile more confidently, eat the foods you love and speak to those around you with a full, beautiful set of teeth. Here at Amos Dental, our dental team prides itself on crafting lifelike false teeth from the most durable and realistic-looking materials possible; however, even the most durable dentures can crack or break. Luckily, Dr. Amos and his team here at Amos Dental also handle all denture repairs.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Perhaps I can just glue my dentures back together myself.” Stop right there! While we know how much easier it would be to just glue it back together and move on, it’s important to understand that regular glue or even superglue aren’t going to be able to bond together your damaged dentures or sustain chewing forces to be effective. Not to mention, superglue can make problems worse and even led to gum inflammation. This is why you should leave any denture repairs to the dental experts.

If your dentures break, simply give us a call. We can schedule an immediate denture repair. If you have a spare pair of dentures you should use them until we can repair your current pair. If you don’t, then we can make an urgent appointment for you so that you don’t have to be without teeth.

Of course, as dentures age, they may also require adjustments and relining. While these don’t require the same urgent attention as a cracked or broken set of dentures, it’s still important to have them relined every now and again. Relining simple means that we will resurface the dentures’ foundation (the part that rests against the gums) to provide a better fit.

After all, the shape and ridges of the gums will change over time as a result of tooth loss, so your dentures will need to also be adjusted to accommodate these changes. If you don’t reline your dentures this can result in irritation and sores, so it’s important that you make these necessary changes to prevent damage to the gums or any natural teeth you have left.

If you need denture repair, call Amos Dental in Washington, PA at (724) 228-4560 to book an appointment today!



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