Emergency Dentist

If you or someone you love has a dental emergency, it can be both painful and frightening. You may not be sure what to do. Thankfully, there is help just a phone call away from Dr. William Amos at Amos Dental in Washington, PA. He is available to help you in your dental emergency.

He can help with any dental emergency. These are just a few of the treatments available at Bagley Family Dental:

Treatment of tooth pain:

  • Caused from tooth decay; in this case the decay will be removed and a simple filling placed.
  • Caused from pulp damage; in this case you may need root canal treatment, during which your dentist will remove the diseased tissue deep inside your tooth and replace it with an inert material to eliminate pain.

Treatment of gum injuries:

  • Caused by an accident or injury; in this case you may need some basic first aid to control bleeding and promote healing
  • Caused by a foreign body locked in between your teeth and gums; in this case the foreign body will be removed and the area cleaned.
  • Caused by a periodontal abscess; in this case you will need deep cleaning of the area, possibly followed by antibiotic therapy or anti-microbial rinses.

Treatment of traumatic dental injuries:

Caused by a sports-related accident or injury; in this case you may have knocked out your tooth or displaced a tooth and need immediate treatment. Dr. Amos also offers custom-made mouth guards to protect your teeth when you play sports.

Normal business hours are Monday through Wednesdays, and Fridays 8:00 AM to 5:00. Emergency services are available on weekends.

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, 
call Amos Dental in Washington, PA at (724) 228-4560 to book an appointment right away!



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