Laser Dentistry

This technology has only recently become available to us. It is truly on the forefront of what we perceive to be the best available in dentistry today. We have achieved our certifications and are using it on a daily basis with great results! We are one of the first and only offices in the area, (actually one of top 30% of offices in the whole country), to have one. Use of the laser during treatment is virtually painless, odorless, and quiet! Costs may be lowered for some procedures as well because it reduces the time of treatment.

Healing time using a laser is greatly reduced. Most of the procedures can be done in a very short time period with no residual or lingering effects. There are many procedures that can now be done without shots!! This is truly painless dentistry at its finest. Certain types of gum disease can be treated without the scraping, cutting, and bleeding usually associated with it. Hot and cold tooth sensitivity can be virtually eliminated using a laser.

Cosmetic dentistry is greatly enhanced with this tool. We treat herpetic lesions, (ie,cold sores or fever blisters), so that many times they don't even turn into those ugly sores on the lips. The sores inside the mouth can be eliminated within a few short days now using a laser. Tongue tied? We can treat this as well and many times without shots!! Many more advantages are realized with this wonderful new technology.

There is no downside considering the amount of things it can do. If you have experienced this phenomenon you too will be a believer in technology being put to good use! All this at a reasonable cost as well.

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